PLX038:  Our lead product in Phase II oncology clinical trials.

PLX376 long-acting PARP inhibitor: ProLynx is developing a long-acting PEG-PARP inhibitor in which a single injection inhibits tumor growth for ~1 month. The nano-molecule prodrug accumulates in tumors, and can be used in combination with DNA damaging agents.

PLX015 long-acting IL-15: Interleukin-15 (IL-15) is an important cytokine necessary for proliferation and maintenance of NK and CD8+ T cells, and with great promise as an immuno-oncology therapeutic. Utilizing the microsphere technology platform, ProLynx is developing long-acting cytokines to reduce CMax and increase the exposure and pharmacological action. In a collaboration with the NCI, ProLynx has developed a long-acting IL- 15 with a t1/2 of ~5 days, and ability to greatly expand NK and CD8+ T cells for long periods.

PLXIO The ProLynx platform is being used for developing other long-acting IO agents, including variations of cytokines and toll receptor agonists.

PLX138: The QD subcutaneously-administered peptide Vosoritide has shown impressive efficacy in treating children achondroplasia. Using its microsphere carrier technology, Prolynx has developed long-acting C- natriuretic peptides (CNP) for treatment of achondroplasia. These conjugates are intended for Q2Wk and QMo administration, and show impressive growth effects in preclinical models.

The ProLynx platform is also being evaluated for developing long-acting intravitreal delivery of small molecules and peptides to treat various eye disorders.