PLX376:  ProLynx is developing a long-acting PEG-PARP inhibitor in which a single injection inhibits tumor growth for ~1 month. The nano-molecule prodrug accumulates in tumors, and can be used in combination with DNA damaging agents.

PLX015-Long Acting IL-15: Interleukin-15 (IL-15) is an important cytokine necessary for proliferation and maintenance of NK and CD8+ T cells, and with great promise as an immuno-oncology therapeutic. Utilizing the microsphere technology platform, ProLynx is developing long acting cytokines to reduce CMax and increase the exposure and pharmacological action.  In a collaboration with the NCI, ProLynx has developed a long-acting IL-15 with a t1/2 of ~5 days, and ability to expand NK and CD8+ T cells for long periods.  

PLX111: The QD subcutaneously-administered peptide Vosoritide has shown impressive efficacy in treating children achondroplasia. Using its microsphere carrier technology, Prolynx has developed long-acting C-natriuretic peptides (CNP) for treatment of achondroplasia. These conjugates are intended for QWk and QMo administration, and show impressive growth effects in preclinical models.

PLX039: Using our microsphere carriers, we developed a QMo GLP-1 receptor agonist  that shows excellent PK and PD in models of T2D, and is the longest acting GLP-1 receptor agonist  available. We are seeking to license this molecule for T2D in humans, and in the meantime are developing the product to treat feline diabetes.

PLX-PTH: Currently, replacement therapy for PTH in hypoparathyroidism requires subcutaneous injections of PTH each day.  ProLynx PTH conjugated to microspheres are designed for a once-weekly PTH which shows a low peak-to-trough ratio.

PLXTED: Teduglutide is a QD administered peptidic GLP-2 receptor agonist that is used to treat small bowel syndrome. An early-stage ProLynx program aims to develop QWk and QMo conjugates of teduglutide.

The ProLynx platform is being evaluated for long-acting intravitreal delivery of small molecules and biologics to treat various eye disorders.