Oct 2022 ProLynx announces initiation of Phase II clinical trial of its DNA-damaging agent PLX038 in patients with platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer at the Mayo Clinic

Sept 2022 ProLynx appoints Richard King as Chief Executive Officer and Chris Ehrlich as Board Director

July 2020 ProLynx announces SBIR grant award to develop long-acting parathyroid hormone for hypo-parathyroidism

April 2020 ProLynx announces Phase 1B clinical trial of its DNA-damaging agent PLX038 (PEG~SN-38) with the PARP inhibitor Rubraca® (rucaparib) at the National Cancer Institute

September 2019 ProLynx announces publication and initiation of patient recruitment for a trial of once-monthly treatment of diabetes in cats

May 2019 ProLynx announces collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo to evaluate drug delivery system in the eye

August 2018 ProLynx and Daiichi Sanko announce the development of technology for the half-life extension of small molecules in the eye

April 2018 ProLynx announces allowance of additional U.S. patent for PLX038, a novel DNA damage response enhancer

April 2018 ProLynx extends lead in half-life extension platform technology-- Shows primary deuterium kinetic isotope effects prolong drug release and polymer biodegradation in a drug delivery system

Sept 2017 ProLynx announces SBIR grant award to develop novel technology for dual receptor agonists

June 2017 ProLynx announces collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo to evaluate drug delivery system in the eye

June 2017 ProLynx announces PLX039, a hydrogel-microsphere drug delivery system that supports once-monthly administration of a GLP-1 receptor agonist

May 2017 ProLynx issued US patent for cleavable linker technology on hydrogels

June 2015 ProLynx announces active IND of a novel ultra-long acting PEG-SN-38 conjugate to treat solid tumors

February 2015 ProLynx issued key patent for using releasable linkers on insoluble carriers    

November 2014 ProLynx awarded NSF Phase II grant for hydrogel platform research and development

August 2014 ProLynx enters funded evaluation agreement with GlaxoSmithKline Research & Development Limited (GSK)

June 2014 ProLynx granted US Patent 8,754,190 covering clinical candidate PEG-SN38

May 2014 ProLynx & RxGen publish data on ocular delivery platform at ARVO 2014 Annual Meeting

April 2014 US Patent 8,703,907 on controlled release from dendrimers

March 2014 Publication in JMedChem relating to PEG-SN-38 conjugates with ultra-long half life, low Cmax, and low glucuronide formation; Japanese partner advances toward Phase I trials. 

March 2014 US Patent 8,680,315 on Beta-Eliminative Linkers

September 2012 Bayer Healthcare CoLaborator

April 2012 BioCentury