ProLynx technology overcomes major limitations of conjugates currently used for half-life extension and allows you to sustain desired levels of drugs for predictable periods.

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The ProLynx β-eliminative drug delivery system uses sets of novel linkers that are pre-programmed to cleave at different rates to allow the controlled, predictable and sustained release of native, active drugs—peptides, proteins and small molecules—from circulating and semi-solid macromolecular conjugates for weeks to months.

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Novel Products

We have multiple pre-clinical and clinical candidates available for licensing.

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We Love Collaboration

At ProLynx, we know that science thrives on collaboration. We are always seeking new partnerships with academics and pharmaceutical companies to design and prepare drug conjugates for half-life extension.

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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."– Albert Einstein

This cover art illustration depicts microspheres formed from highlyhomogeneous Tetra-PEG hydrogels that serve as sub-cutaneous depots for a novel drug-delivery system. Drugs – peptides, proteins or small molecules – are covalently attached to the hydrogel backbone by self-cleaving β-eliminative linkers that are tuned to release the drug at a specified rate. Slower self-cleaving β-eliminative linkers are also incorporated in the cross-links of the hydrogel to trigger biodegradation of the microspheres after the drug has been released.

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