ProLynx is a clinical stage company with a number of programs ranging from early discovery to late stage phase 1/1b.

PLX is a novel long-acting PEGylated prodrug of the anticancer agent SN-38.  PLX038 is currently in trials as a single agent and in combination with a PARP inhibitor for safety and tolerability.  In short time, PLX038 will enter into phase 2 trials in BRCA deficient tumors as a single agent and in combination with PARP inhibitors.

In addition, ProLynx is developing a long-activating PEG-PARP inhibitor in which a single injection shows an excellent efficacy profile and can be used in combination with DNA damaging agents without severe toxicity.

Utilizing the microspheres technology platform, ProLynx is developing programs in short acting cytokines to reduce CMax and increase the exposure and pharmacological action.  Some of the programs include in IL-2 mutein specific for the high affinity IL-2 receptor and IL-15. Additional cytokines are being evaluated with ProLynx technology.

Currently, replacement therapy for PTH in hypoparathyroidism requires subcutaneous injections of PTH each day. ProLynx PTH conjugated to microspheres are designed for once-weekly PTH which shows a low peak-to-trough ration.

PLX039 is our QMo GLP-1 RA that shows excellent PK and PD in models of T2D. We believe this is the longest acting GLP-1 RA available. We are seeking to license this molecule for T2D in humans, and in the meantime are developing the product for veterinary use.

ProLynx platform is being evaluated for an intravitreal delivery of small molecules and biologics to treat various disorders.